Inaugural Winners

Inaugural Winners


TRAILS would like to thank all entrants of the inaugural TRAILS Sculpture Exhibition for their contributions and is pleased to announce the winners of 2021’s exhibition:

  • ‘Noah’s Ark’, by Barry Tate. First Place, $6,000
  • ‘Flow’, by Andrew Walsh. Second Place, $4,000
  • ‘Big Mouth’, by Jo Jo Spook, AWA Alliance Bank People’s Choice, $1,000

TRAILS would also like to express its gratitude to the exhibition sponsors,

  • Committee for Portland
  • AWA Alliance Bank
  • Glenelg Shire Council
  • Clock by the Bay

Exhibited Works

Merry Abbey
‘Rejects Reformed’

Cat Bailey, Barry Tate, Judith Stewart
‘Murnong Seed (Yam Dairy)’

Deborah Bunce
‘Castle in the Air’

Matthew Clarke
‘Rook A8’

Therese Coffey
‘Wired round’

Phil Cousins
‘The Ties That Bind Us’

Delia Crabbe
‘Depression Self Portrait’
‘Depression Self Portrait: Almost Catatonic’
‘What fragments will remain’

Jon Dixon
‘I love wombats and wombats love me’
‘Ooshie™ apocolyse’

Grant Finck

Robert Gatt
‘Strength in Giving’

Eliza-Jane Gilchrist
‘Once Were Woods’

Colin Govan
‘Male One (Of this Earth)’
‘Male Two (Of this Earth)’

Robyn McDonald
‘Cosmic Lighthouse’

Molly Melican
‘Hound Dog’
‘Green Goblin’

Michael Meszaros
‘Clinging to Life’

Glenn Morgan

Phillip Petrie
‘The Parliament and the Agitator’

James Quinlivan
‘Relics and Reflections’

Deborah Saunders
‘The Art of Seeing’

Lauren Simmonds

Jo Jo Spook
‘Big Mouth’
‘Coral of the Future’
‘Flotsam Jetsam’

Sidney Sprague
‘Geometry of Mind’

Barry Tate
‘Noahs Ark’

Carmel Wallace
‘Atlantis series & Colony #1’

James Wallace
‘Sharp-tailed Sandpiper’

Andrew Walsh
‘Fantasy Maze’

Sandra Winkworth

First Place

‘Noah’s Ark’ by Barry Tate
$6,000 first place

Second Place

‘Flow’ by Andrew Walsh
$3,000 second place

AWA Alliance Bank People’s Choice

‘Big Mouth’ by Jo Jo Spook
$1,000 AWA Alliance Bank People’s Choice
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